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my laptop battery drained out and i left it for 2 weeks.. then my laptop did not start at all, nor on battery nor on the charger...

next day it started and worked fine, after that it stoped working completely. i gave it to the laptop repair guys and they tell me that the power supply function has been damaged and the mother board needs to be replaced. Although they have started my laptop temporarily but they have advised me it can stop working anytime.

what cld be wrong with my system and if the motherboard needs replacing then why does it work now. please advice...
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  1. What you've described could happen if this is an older computer. I've seen seem something similar ith one machine at an office where the user took the battery out at weekends. After the weekend the computer would take a longer time to start and the date and time were wrong.

    What seemed to be happening was that the lithium battery inside intended to maintain BIOS settings (including hard drive type) was fading. It was okay in the week because the power unit was plugged in and even when it was disconnected the lithium batteries seem to have been rested enough to maintain settings overnight.

    If my theory is right, I suspect you computer will wok normally for some years more so long as you don't leave the battery out for extended periods.

    Of course it's possible that the fault is to do with a power problem on the motherboard. But that sounds like a very expensive repair - if it's as bad as they say, might be better putting the money towards a new computer.
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