Recognizing Athlon 64 X2 under Windows XP Pro

Hey guys, I'm writing this message from my new PC, I finally made it, in big part thanks to your support. Everything's working, everything's fine, CPU temp is 35C (under little load).

Anyway, what's troubling me is the question about how can I be sure that Windows XP Pro (with service pack 2) is using the Athlon 64 X2 4400+ properly? Ander computer properties it identifies it as a 2200 Processor, "AMD Hammer Family Processor", "Model Unknown". It looks like to Windows this is just a 2200 processor? What should I do? Thanks for your advise.
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  1. Check in device manager, in computer, it should list two proccessors.
  2. No, it only shows one:

    ACPI Uniprocessor PC

    And under Processor Group it also show just one entry:

    AMD Hammer Processor Family - Model Unknown
  3. You will need to update your BIOS if the post screen doens't indicate it has found two processors

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  4. I will try doing that, although I have zero experience in this.

    Whe I update BIOS, will Windows automatically detect the "new" processor? Is it probable that it will give trouble?
  5. I have just flashed the BIOS with the most recent thing I found on DFI site. It now recognizes the processor model and the two cores correctly. My last question: is Windows XP Pro optimized by default to use the dual coreprocessor or do I need to change some settings? Thanks guys, your help as always is invaluable. :)
  6. It should detect the processor after the update. The biggest danger with flashing the BIOS is if it doesn't go well and gets corrupt then your mobo will not function.

    What type of Motherboard do you have?
  7. I could be wrong on this, but going from single cpu to dual, I thought you had to reinstall windows because it will load the uni processor HAL instead of the SMP one and this choice is made upon installation only. Since you either upgraded or installed with just one "visible" cpu due to old BIOS, I guess you had better reinstall your windows :/ But feel free to correct me on this one

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  8. Will "Repair Installation" do? Windows currently detects both cores (under Device manager - Processors), and I have a small AMD utility that graphically show the activity of the two cores, is this a good enough indicator? Any way to be sure?
  9. ionic_power, I have flashed the BIOS, thankfully it went fine. It is DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR. Oddly, I downloaded the newest BIOS (date on DFI site says June 2005), but the date that was showing during the flashing was that of March 2005.
  10. Yes, it now says "ACPI Multiprocessor computer". :) That's it I suppose?
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