How To Check If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi & What You Can Do

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  1. If someone want to hack wifi password he/she is in near wifi.
    if any doubt change the Wifi password.
  2. Contact your IP and monitor your internet usage, if it goes up during periods you'r asleep, out of the house or otherwise not using the internet, you know somethings up.

    Setup a password on your WiFi and dont tell anyone.
  3. Just find your router IP and login to your router. There should be a log and you can tell what computer logged into the router at what time.

    You could also restrict access through mac address if you want. This would only allow registered computers onto your router.
  4. Do you even need wifi? Just turn if off if you don't. As thor said restrict wifi access to approved mac addresses. Change the password, make it hard. Some also allow you to turn the power down. Only use as much power as you need for your devices. And of course turn off SSID.
  5. try a trial version of this software

    tells you who is connected and tells you when some one new joins your network

    mac address filtering and turning off your ssid wont stop some one who knows what they are doing
  6. True, but no SSID, encryption and mac address filtering should provide a big enough pain to whoever that they wouldn't want to hack in.
  7. depends how badly they want to

    as mentioned the safest thing is to turn off wifi altogether

    problem is wifi is convenient

    but personally i run 20m ethernet cables from the router

    the problem is the average user is clueless when it comes to wifi

    ask most people about their wireless security and they dont have a clue

    most leave the default log in details to their router

    wep security is pointless

    and even wpa isnt what it could be with gpu accelerated cracking

    also some wireless routers have faults as well

    a well known uk company shipped a load of routers where they used the mac address to calculate the default password

    unfortunately if you must use wifi you need to be paranoid about it :(
  8. if u monitor unusual traffic like u r using only 500mb & data usage is 700mb.., u get lower browsing/downloading speeds..
    you'd setup a password.
  9. Some other ideas (once you decide to play with them):
    Change the name of your Wifi to FBI Surveillance Van
    If it’s a managed router, change all your computers IP’s to static, and make them an illegal sequence, that way no one can see them from the outside of your lan.
    Don’t use your wifi for a while and autoforward all IP requests to some nasty Russian porn site. That’ll make sure anyone using it won’t have a functional computer for long.

    I am not being serious, although all of them are possible.
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