My computer keeps hard rebooting

Hi guys,

This morning i updated my catalyst from 5.6 to 5.8 because i couldnt play bet on soldier demo without major freeze and vpu recovers and since then i have problems. Windows keeps hard rebooting at any time. I tried everything even let it run in safe mode and it still hard reboot so i guess it's not software related.

I guess my lame video card somehow over heat now's a radeon 9700 TX. I've heard that those cards hates AGP fast write and i did enable/disable fast write in the catalyst drivers or in the BIOS a few times to test.

Or maybe my cpu is overheating? It's at 51-52 celcius in the BIOS.

Any help?

New fan or new video card?( i bought a radeon x850xt pe yesterday anyway )

or maybe it's something else?

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  1. First check to make sure the power button is not being held in, under the lip of the case.
    Your temps are a little high, since bios suggests idle (unless you are running a prescott chip). Check the cpu fan, make sure it's clean, and turns nicely.
    You might want to suspect your psu as well, as a failing psu will often restart the system.
    If none of that helps, we could use some system specs, like chip, ram, mobo etc.
  2. It could be a failing video card fan. 9700 TX is an OEM underclocked version of the 9700 Pro.

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  3. Yes i know that, i'll open my case and check if the video card fan works tho it might not work properly either.
  4. Yes, sorry i forgot to post my specs. Amd 2500 barton cpu on asus a7n8x-x mobo. I will test with a new fan.
  5. Computer keeps rebooting, replaced the fan, brand new psu and even borowed my friend's radeon 9800xt and it still hard reboots.
  6. amd 2500 barton cpu on asus a7n8x-x mobo, 1gig of ram 3200, 160 and 40gb HDD...first one is made by western digital and second is maxtor. ATI radeon 9700 TX, LG 16x dvd drive, plextor cd-rw, dynex 400watt PSU, creative audigy 2 card and that's about it i think.

    I tried to format this morning and got the blue screen saying there's a problem with my hardware.
  7. Two thoughts: nudge up your VDIMM and if that doesn't work then post your PSU's voltages.

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