Quiet fan for P4?

I have a P4 650 OC to 3900. Default Intel fan.

Well, My system sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

Is there a quieter fan I may use?

Regards, thanks in advance
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  1. See if my P4 heat solution sig can help you.

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  2. I use an Intel copper heatsink with zalman "fan mate 1" (about $5) and can run the fan around 2400 rpm and still provide adequate cooling. With a ttgi 14cm power supply, it's virtually silent. You can barely hear them. I also recommend a fanless video card, such as the 9600se.
  3. You have plenty of options.
    You should try the new "Freezer 4", from Artic Cooling. It's very good.

    Look at this website: http://www.arctic-cooling.com/cpu2.php?idx=9&disc=

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  4. Thank you everybody.

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