have windows 7 and whenevef I try to click on an e-mail link I get this little pop up message saying "Could not preform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed" I have no clue on what to do someone please help me. I have a windows live account.
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  1. Try updating the windows messenger.. You can get the latest update from the microsoft website.. BTW why did you titled the post as adobe.!
  2. beBecaue when I try to send a document by e-mail the little box saye that adobe can not connect to my default email it has nothing to do with messenger
  3. Did you properly set up your email program? If not, it won't tell Windows what to do with email:to links.
  4. Yes i can send and receive e-mails
  5. What Adobe program are you using? If you click on a mail:to link in any other program, what does it do?
  6. When i click on the email I get that box. I was using adobe 9 then I upgraded to 9.3. or it says acrobat can not connect to the default email
  7. When you click on what email? Is it a mail:to link or not, and in what program are you clicking?
  8. I am trying to email a document. I have it posted in Adobe reader. When i click file and select attach to email the box pops open that says"Acrobat is unable to connect to email program
  9. What email program do you have installed? Did you install it before or after you installed Adobe Reader? Save the PDF file to your hard drive, then open up your email program and create a new message, then attach the file to the message, if it allows you to.

    Were you able to open your email program using Reader before? Has anything changed since then? Any updates to either program, new Windows updates?
  10. All of this was on the laptop from date of purchase 1-3-10. i never used the windows live before. i set it up when i needed to send this document out.
  11. Then don't worry about using the program. Just open your email service in your browser and click "attach file" after making a new email to send. Then, navigate to the directory the file is stored and click ok. This will send the file, which is much easier than trying to set up the program for one use.
  12. I have never used it until today. i did save it then created an e-mail. Thats a lot of work when all I should have to do is go to the document and selelct to email it. i don't know this sucks! There have been the usual updates but I would not be able to tell the difference because i always us yahoo or as email clients.
  13. Email programs require some setup before being able to be used, like basically any other programs that require fetching data from an account somewhere. If the program isn't set up, then it does not tell Windows such, and Windows will not tell other programs that the email program has the ability to email.

    Like I said, the EASIEST way of sending that file is to open your Live email account in your browser, create a new email, and then attach the file to it.
  14. Thats what I'm doing right now. I paid tooooo much to have this problem. I'm taking this back to best buy. I "Thank You" VERY VERY much for all of your time. Have a Good night. I have a lot of work ahead of me tonight!!!
  15. Any other computer you buy is going to have the same "problem". You'll have to download, set up, and configure the program to read and send emails to your specific email account before it will be able to do what you needed it to do.
  16. Well I will let the Geek Squad handle it. right now I feel like tossing it right out the window. I have a dead line in a few hours... This is not a good thing. This is why I never work at home the office PC is better equipt. Thank you
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