How do I increase Aero's memory?

Hello all, have a little problem with my rig.

I run a triple screen setup and recently replaced a 1080x720 monitor with a 1080p one (the other monitors are 1080p and 1680x1050). Then I started being plagued by "Windows Aero has exceeded its maximum memory allocated" and "Is your system performing slowly?" messages, with Windows turning off Aero every now and then.

I have plenty of memory (8GB, soon to be 16GB) and at idle I only use ~30% of it (when Aero is enabled it sits around 35%), so a lack of memory isnt the issue, just that it seems Aero is using more than is allocated. So I was wondering if there is a way to increase the amount allocated. I have researched a bit on this subject but what I have found so far is a flat out no, Microsoft saying update Windows and graphics card drivers (all is up to date) and some indirect fixes that so far haven't helped.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I have never encountered this problem before and I have run Windows 7 on some very low spec computers. It may be the amount of graphics card memory that is the problem. Do you get the problem when running only two monitors?
  2. And why not just turn off aero if its a gaming rig?
  3. Got 2GB of GDDR5 memory on my 7870 graphics card, dont think that's the problem.
    I didn't have the problem before I swapped out a low res monitor for a 1080p one, so I'm guessing the additional resolution is what tipped it over.

    Cause its pretty, not much more reason than that.
  4. its not the ram that is low or being used more but it is THE GPU/GRAPHICS CARD / might have a very low end gpu that is not enough for 1080p...just tell me which gpu u have..if its a low end replace it...
  5. I said what my GPU is above and its in my signature.

    I have a Sapphire HD7870, with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked to 13750Mhz (effective 5500Mhz). I dont think the VRAM is the problem.
  6. I am fairly sure that Aero is just spazzing out, I had practically nothing running on my PC, with 16gb of 2133mhz RAM, a 2gb GTX 670, and a 4.2ghz i5 and it gave me the same message about Aero, I just pushed the "Don't ask me again" button, and although it somehow still manages to come up occasionally, I just ignore it. Many of the Windows "bells and whistles" (WEI anyone???) are kind of pointless/buggy, my WEI changes almost daily lol.
  7. Strangely enough since I started the thread I haven't had a single message come up yet. Maybe that indirect fix I tried just takes a while to work, or Aero is just happy after I re-booted my system.

    Hehe, WEI. Iv got 7.7, you?
    Its impossible to get above 5.9 unless you have an SSD boot drive, and its impossible to hit 7.9 unless you have two in RAID.
    Just realized its my processor thats holding it down to 7.7, the SSD is getting a perfect 7.9.
  8. Hah, you may think that, my overall is 7.7 as well I believe, but my limiting factor is not the harddrive, I am fairly sure it is either the processor or the GPU, which I found hilarious. With an i5 and a GTX 670, if it scores a 7.7, it is telling me every component better than those are only sitting in a range of .2, how misleading.
  9. Btw how many page file you have configured? Auto mode?
  10. 8GB of Virtual RAM on my storage drive.
  11. Set the page file @1024 MB (initial and final size) and reboot machine, see how it behaves.

    For events errors go to control panel -> administrative tools -> events and see error logs to see if you have more info, at this point google it if any more errors as such occur.
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