Graphic Cards, CPUs and Memory For Photoshop

I am in the process of buying a new computer to use for correspondence and Photoshop CS4. I need advice.

Some computer packges have NIVIDA GT 310 320 0r 340

Others have ATI 5730. Which one is best for Photoshop.

I DO NOT DO GAMING but I want resonable speed.

Also which CPU is best for photoshop? Intel i7-720
, i7-740 or it840?

How much memory do I need?
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  1. 5730M is the best performer,but if you don't play games, then go with GT 320,its enough for PS.
    As for CPU,if the price difference between them isn't much,then go with i7 840;otherwise, post the prices of each CPU.
    And 4GB RAM suffices for PS(Unless you have lots of pages of image editing opened at the same time,in which 8GB comes handy)
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