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Hello all! A friend of mine has a toshiba, Toshiba Satelitte X205-S7483 to be exact. It had never had any problems really, and then one day, the screen would go dim, not black, just impossible to really do much dim. A simple reboot would fix it. That same day, it eventually happened again, and this time, a simple reboot did nothing, and now it is constantly dim. I can hold it in the light to be able to see a little, so i can do some things to try to fix it, but i need to get it viewable. Anybody know any way to fix it? Ive tried power management solutions, taking battery out putting it back in, adjusting brightness, and so on. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. UPDATE: It went to sleep mode, wake it up, its bright for a few seconds, but it has a red tint to it. Same with the opening screen, which is full brightness, but red. It went back to dim and normal after only a few seconds. Any help is very appreciated.
  2. Any help would be greatly appreciated! FYI, it was bright for a small amount of time, but now dim again.
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