Windows 7 not booting...infinite boot...any key doesnt screen

I try to boot frome a DVD but doesn't want to boot, and any key i use doesn't work.It's infinite boot ...after and after.And any key ai try doesn't work. Work just ctrl+alt+esc and i enter in red screen (grub4dos ..etc with options with "windows with SLIC loader...etc). I don't know how to boot frome here. The common methot to boot doesn't work to me. I just want to reinstal windows 7 profesional again to never have this problem again.
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  1. This might sound rude, and I do not mean to be as such.
    However, try to give a bit more detail than what you're saying. From that short bit I'm thinking you messed up your bios, and I highly doubt that's what actually happened.

    Just give a walk through of what you're doing step by step, including each screen you pass by
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