Windows 7 intermittent startup problems

upgraded dimension 4700 to 2gb of ram and a 500gb hdd with windows 7. boot hangups that startup repair cant fix, bios revision a10 is newest for that mb. its intermittent, and will randomly hang on boot and go to startup repair, then work 5 times in a row...alrdy switched hdd thinking bad hard drive, but to no avail, i think its something in the bios but u cant do much with it, oldness
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  1. What are the other specs of your computer? It could be an issue with say, not having enough or just enough processor power or graphics power, which in turn leads to your issues.
  2. typical integrated graphics...p4 2.4
  3. I know of some who were running the RC version on a P4, so I'm not sure if that could be the issue or not. See if Dell has released any chipset updates and graphics driver updates. If so, install those and see if that helps. If not, may be someone else here can chime in that is or was running a similar set up.
  4. on the old hdd, all updates were done, but under the section listed for winxp drivers, because the computer obviously was not intended for vista or w7.
  5. update, its only if the computer sits for a few hours or overnight, cmos battery? when i installed new hard drive windows thought it was 2110...
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