Razer DeathAdder, why 125hz could be best, here is info.

Hello, i don't know if this wass reported so sorry for double post, just want to share some thing. When playing game, for example Battlefield 3 and if i set my Razer DeathAdder pooling rate to 500hz or 1000hz and using a program to measure pooling rate Mouse Movement Recorder, im getting red and green lines. Here are pics, because battlefield 3 is not that GPU intensive for me i'm using MSI Kombustor.
Whit 500hz: http://postimage.org/image/uvefj916v/full/
Whit 125hz: http://postimage.org/image/5qh2xnidt/full/
So from what i understand using higher pooling rate in GPU intensive application will cause inaccurate mouse movement? Whit 1000hz it's worse.
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  1. use the ps/2 port. no polling required. it sends an interrupt signal instead.
  2. AFAIK there is a usb to ps/2 port converter but using ps/2 port will make your profile of deathadder disabled (AFAIK)
  3. i personally use the deathadder with a usb-to-ps/2 adapter block. the driver profiles are still active and 100% usable.
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