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i am having BSOD randomly crashing my PC. I rly dont know what to do any more, so i am asking if anyone has any good ideas.

They happend one after another in order.
BSOD errors:

If needed i can post dump files.

I have done memtest and it didnt come up whit any errors, tryd stres test for my GPU and it workd fine, tryd pulling out memory and swapd them oround, still nothing. Reinstalling windows didnt work either (full update).

I dont know if its the GPU (HD4870) drivers or the card has gone crazy and it needs to be replaced, or should i burn the motherbord and do a ritual dance while its burning.

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    When you get errors like this, it is always a good idea to take the memory out of the slots and check the required voltage the sticks need to run at, along with it check the memory timings and the ram speed. After placing them back in the memory slots of the board hop into the bios and make sure all the settings are correct in the bios of the motherboard.
    Some memory sticks need a small shunt in power to become stable under load so have a look into that. Also make sure that all the memory sticks match in speed rating and timing values as this will cause a problem. If a stick is of a lower speed value to the rest you will have to set the lowest value of memory speed in the bios this may also help the bsod problems.
  2. Its not a new PC and it workd before, recently i got a new HD (caviar black 1tb) but dont think its my power supply since i have corsait tx650w.

    But i checkd the bios anyway and all is set to auto settings, and its been like that from the start since i dont OC.
    Memory is: kingmax pc 1333

    If you have a setting in specific i should look at and report it back to you its not a problem, i am open for any ideas since i am out of them.

  3. I would recommend a CPU stress-test. Had a similiar issue (Bluescreen pointed to GPU and after fiddleing with drivers I resorted to changing the GPU. Tested it in another system, and it remains there, running fine). Ultimately it was the CPU that was busted (not even 7 months old).
  4. Just finishd testing CPU...

    5h and 18 min of running Prime95 torture test... all tests i guess that rules out my CPU...
    If you have any other test you want me to run its not a problem....
  5. well forgive me but i just checked on kingmax memory, And tbh I would if you can try to borrow some of a known good brand just to make sure it not the problem, since you checked it was the cpu, and other things. Why I am saying it or did in the first place is believe it or not all the errors you listed relate to memory addressing errors. It would be the sure way to rule it out anyway.
  6. Dont worry i didnt forget what you said. I have allrdy made few calls and a friend will borrow me his memory and GPU for few days to test it.
    I ran memtest for 3 full runs and that takes about 5-6h to do it.
    I have 12GB of memory (6x2GB), and CPU is i7 950.
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