Win 7 ...explorer not responding ..problem ..plzzz.. help..

this is really awkward ...I've win 7 ultimate sp1 32 bit.. this is a different problem than others because most people get 3 options * ie, close , restart , wait...but in my case the windows explorer stops responding at awkward places like when i open my computer , open a folder or i'm just at the desktop..just a pop up that explorer has stooped working & IT RESTARTS AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT GIVING THE 3 OPTIONS *MENTIONED ABOVE...I've tried everything like formatting , chkdsk/f , chkdsk/f/r , defragmenting , wiping the hdd , registry fix/defragment , virus / any ware scan with an updated anti virus...i even formatted & reinstalled the OS but i still get this problem....
this doesn't happen often /constantly/spontaneously...but at awkward times...... me with this..i'm fed up & frustrated....
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  1. Is it a legitimate copy of windows?
  2. i got it from hp as I've an hp pc...what is a legitimate copy..
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