Athlon 900Hz what u think ?

hello all, hope u can help me...

i have an old system with a 900Hz Athlon cpu, Epox 8kha+ MotherBoard and 2 DIMM of 128M of kingstone (dont know what model/speed) and a ati useless gfx card. i want to upgrade the system but not go crazy, i think about add 512M kingstone cl2.5 and buy a decent gfx card... is it be enough to play (in medium performance) today games ? maybe a 512M more well help (total 1g) or it time to say goodbay to my beloved system, and get a new one ?

hope u can help !
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  1. You really need a faster chip. You can usually pick up an older chip from ebay, for a low price.
    I suspect your board is a revision 1.3 If that is the case, it supports palomino cores to xp2000+.
    If it is the newer rev.2 board, it will work with any 133 fsb xp chip. I would do that before even thinking about a gig of ram.
  2. I didn't even know they made a 900 Hz chip. Even my first computer had 8 Mhz.

    You probably can sell that bad boy on Ebay for a lot of money. It must have some kind of historical value to still be working and how in the world you got it to work with the rest of your hardware is beyond me.

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  3. lol

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  4. Haha.

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  5. The "ati useless" graphics card lol. Havent seen that for sale anywhere :P

    If your hoping to run games i would also suggest a new cpu as the one you have wont really cut it, it might in low performance settings. Definately a new gfx card, if you wanna run the likes of battlefield 2 a 9800 PRO is a good idea, if not a cheap geforce 4 TI 4200-4800 would be pretty good. Theyre difficult to find though.

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  6. What kind of a budget are you on? If you give us a price range im sure people could suggest you a system. I havent seen a good game in ages that required less than a 1.1Ghz CPU.

    if not a cheap geforce 4 TI 4200-4800 would be pretty good

    Just thought id point out the geforce4 series is not supported by bf2.
  7. lol 900hz

    "dude man, check out my new x86 computer at 900hz"
    "Oh ya man, i got this brand new computer at 1mhz!"
    "No way dude!"


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