AMD X2 Dual Core and W2K

Maybe it's a silly question, but does anyone know if AMD X2 DC works with W2K as dual core? I run CPU-z v1.29, AMD CPU Info and both detected one processor CPU 1 (no core).
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  1. when you press crtl alt delete does it show one or two charts for the processor?

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  2. Only one chart
  3. I have the latest BIOS
  4. Maybe, as I have not a technical skill, I'm doing something wrong. My motherboard is ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe revision 1.02 and BIOS revision: Phoenix-Award BIOS V6.00PG Rev 1002.
    At bootup the BIOS detect only one Processor.(AMD Hammer Family processor- Model Unknown)

    Thanks for your time.
  5. Try check asus to see if they have any bios updates.

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  6. Quote:
    *shakes head*

    Oh c'mon! You can't hardly expect someone to know about the hardware they're running. Especially something as complicated as BIOS updates :lol:
  7. *cough *cough *cough
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