Windows 7 wont boot

Hey there.
So yesterday I was playing Hitman Absolution all day, ended up falling asleep with my laptop on.
Eventually it ran out of battery and when I woke up, it was drained of all power, as per usual.
However when I tried to start it up, it went into startup repair and then said it couldn't start windows.
Nothing would work, start up repair failed, and restoring to a previous image failed.
Safe mode wont work either and I have no idea what to do.
I tried some guide to reset the registry but It didn't work and now startup restoring an image fails too, I think I backed up the registry wrong.
Just wondering is there any suggestions on what I could do to solve this?
Thanks for any help
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  1. be prepared to reinstall....

    most of the time people just do it if there are no solution
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    Most likely you corrupted your system Files

    I would Backup all my data from my drive Recommend for you to get a UBUNTU disk

    boot Disk

    Partition your hard drive to have enough space for backing up your files

    Save your files on your Backup Partition

    Format the windows partition and reinstall

    I would leave the backup partition Just in case it ever happens again.
  3. I don't have a Windows 7 CD, it didn't come with my PC.
    I have Windows 8 at home, if I used that and did the refresh thing that just puts Windows 8 on it and nothing else, would that work?

    How can I backup and delete files on my C drive from Ubuntu? I'm currently on Ubuntu right now so I just need to delete some stuff to free up room for Windows 8
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