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Looking online at Amazon and Tiger, cant seem to find the right set of headphones see alot of mixed reviews. Only wanting to spend max 120$ Need a set for gaming i dont care for what it looks like just want the sound to kick ass and really put me in the game!! Thanks
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  1. Well, audio quality is sort of relative. Some people are audiophiles, some people can't hear the difference in 44100 KHz and 192000 KHz.

    If you just want a pair for gaming, I use Turtlebeach PX21's. They're multi-platform, with a USB and a standard 3.5mm audio jack. They have quite nice quality for gaming. :]

    Only 80$ at Wal*Mart where I got them. Which reminds me... I recommend trying out headphones before buying them if you can. Comfort is a big thing if you're a hardcore gamer and plan on spending multiple hours wearing them. Each ear, and each phone cup are different.
  2. Myself, I use the Turtle Beach X11 refurbished headset. It is discontinued, and has been replaced by the X12, but I had a low budget and Best Buy sells them refurbished for $35 dollars, which was about as much I could spend. They're way below your budget, which you may like, or you may want to spend some more for a better quality headset with more features. Plus, it's only compatible with PC and XBOX 360, so if you want to use it with a PS3, you're out of luck.
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