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Ive been running Win 7 Ultimate 64 for over a year with no problems. For Christmas I got a new HD because my old ones were full. I copied my files from my two old hard drives to the new one and then tried to do a clean install. After the installation when windows boots for the first time it works, but the picture has about two inches of black space all around and the resolution is at like 800x600. Im pretty sure the only thing i need to do to fix that is install and update my graphics drivers. The problem is after I start installing updates I have to restart windows. When it boots up for the second time all the black space is gone and the picture looks right but it always stops right after the black windows loading screen on the default background with no icons, only my curser. Ive tried to install windows again but the same thing happens. Ive tried safe mode and last known good config. Startup repair finds no problems at all. And when i restore with a system image the problem comes back as soon as I update something then restart.
Any suggestions?
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  1. can you right click? ctrl-alt-del?
  2. did you try to copy only the hdd that got the os on to the new drive with the tool that drive maker have ?
  3. Could you download all the drivers for your setup on another computer and right after a clean install, install them yourself? I have seen weird stuff over the years with computers and it wouldn't surprise me if one of the windows update drivers for your setup was causing the issue.
  4. rgd1101 said:
    can you right click? ctrl-alt-del?

    Problem solved. Right click worked was able to get into display options. it was set to extended display on my tv. switched default moniter and now everythings working fine
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