Upgrade OEM CD W7 64-bit HP to PRO W7 can i still use OEM CD W7 HP

I have an OEM CD of Win 7 64-bit Home Prem. If I updated to professional from Microsoft store would I be able to use my W7 Home Premium CD on another device, and have the Pro version on my main machine?

The only reason I would update is so that I could save images backups to my WHS 2011 on the network and I know that Home Premium wont allow me to do so from network. Though, I'm not wanting to pay $100+ just for this feature, maybe someone knows a good program that will allow me to perform an image backup onto my LAN. I looked for some but found nothing that really caught my eye, as they were a little buggy(so they said).
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  1. No, for a couple of reasons.

    The first is that OEM copies of Windows do not have transfer rights. Once you activate it on a bit of hardware, it is then locked to that hardware. There's a small bit of wiggle room, but as a general rule.

    The second, is that if unless you are talking about buying the full retail version of Windows, what you're actually doing is just transferring your license. Upgrade copies of Windows do not come with a license to use the software, they merely transfer an existing license. This gets into a lot of really boring and technical legalese, but the long and short of it is you don't buy Windows, you buy a license to use it. Another way to think of it, is you don't actually own that copy of Windows, you're just paying a one-time flat fee to rent it.

    So if you tried using that Home Premium disc on another computer, it would fail to activate, and as far as Microsoft would be concerned, it is pirated because it's unlicensed.
  2. I bought the CD from Tiger Direct about a two years ago and I installed it on several different motherboards and CPUs as I have upgrade three times since entering the world of computers(I never had a computer until i was twenty one just three years ago), but never had a problem installing them. It did tell me to verify the installation by calling Microsoft and getting this ridiculously long number from them. I've done that one twice already and no problems. Of course, I did try installing on another at the same time and gave the this copy might be pirated thing.

    My question is would that number be same and not transfer over like you said, or could i re-use it?(since i'm guessing i don't have an oem CD)? I'm not exactly sure what an OEM CD is actually.
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