Dual core 2 vs I5 processor

I am considering a refurbished laptop vs. a new I5 laptop. I use this for home use no gaming, no photoshop just typical intenet stuff. Is the new I5 model worth the extra $500 over the cost of the Dell with 4gb ram, core 2, XP pro, 1.8gHz???????
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  1. Well, if you use a laptop for simple matters like you mentioned, i.e. Internet surfing, word processing, etc..., it's probably not worth the extra $500. If you use programs for 3D modeling for example, it would be worth it. If not, I'd just go with the C2D if you want to save some money. The only downside is that as Internet programming technology gets better, you may be forced to buy a new laptop in a few years. Not to mention that I think you'll find an i5 equipped laptop a lot "zippier" in general.
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