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So I already got my raid set up and all, went to bios, enabled raid, selected the ones I want ( two 120gb ssd intel 520 series ) and when at the screen to install windows they dot show up, I put in my motherboard cd to install the raid drivers and find and install them but right after that I get this error... "To continue installation, use the Load Driver option to install 32-bit and signed 64-bit drivers. Installing an unsigned 64-bit device driver is not supported and might result in an unusable windows installation"... What do I do to fix this??? All help is appreciate guys! If it helps my motherboard model Is in my signature..
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  1. Go look at the MB manufacturer's site for newer raid drivers.
  2. Just tryed it, same error, I think it might be my copy of windows. It's windows 7 home premium from 2009, would I need to buy a new copy?
  3. So i dont think it works with 64 bit os, i just did it with a 32 bit, but you only get 4gb of ram usage.. i have 16 haha so thats not gona work.... any one know how to get it to work on a 64 bit OS?
  4. I've had this happen recently on several installs of Win7. In one case, what it really wanted was the mobos USB 3 drivers (this one was by far the most frustrating and baffling, and yes, also in this case, installing to 2 SSDs in RAID 0). Another, Intel RST drivers. Have also had cases with RAID configs where I needed to use third party software to set up partition info / format for Win7 to see it correctly for the install and not ask for drivers.

    Hope that helps.
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