AM tuner/recorder MP3 player

Multifunctional MP3 player wanted

Does such a creature exist? I've never seen one with the ability to tune/record AM, besides Radio YourWay AM/FM Radio Recorder. The iRiver iFP-799 (1 GB) MP3 Player comes close, but not quite as far as all the features I'm looking for. Do you know of any others? Also what's coming down the pipe? I can wait till Christmas or early next year.

1) 1GB minimum flash or HD (like to copy a whole CD on to it if I had to)
2) USB2.0 (theoretical maximum of 60 MB/s, but I'd settle for just 5MB/s actual)
3) Ability to copy any (data) files onto it (using proprietary s/w is OK but not preferered)
4) Microphone for voice recording
5) FM/AM tuner/recorder (Hey I listen to talk radio too)
6) Decent to excellent sound quality

1) Powers up quickly
2) Long battery life (>10hrs. on a single AA) or rechargeable (don't want to break the bank on batteries)
3) Firmware upgradeable
4) User friendly user interface
5) Supports WMA & OGG file formats in addition to MP3
6) Encoding to MP3
7) ID3 tag support
8) Flash memory upgradeable
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  1. Another option is to load software on a laptop. Although I can't go jogging w/ it, its still mobile. In this case, what s/w do you recommend? I'm considering the following, but always open to other suggestions:

    1) i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder
    2) Total Recorder Professional Edition
    V4.5 (
    3) Audio Mid Recorder 3.72

    Can you recommend one over the other or something completely different? I'm also looking to get the best bang for my buck. Therefore, I will be using the s/w for other uses besides AM tuning/recording, including recording from LP/tape, internet radio, TV, games, etc.
  2. Checkout:
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