I'm Disappointed 3dMark 2005

I had very disappointing results @ 3dMark 2005...
Score --> CPU : 4275
--> Grafics : 3556

My System is :

CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
RAM : 1.5 Gb (3x512) @ 400 MHz (Transcend)
GRU : 1X Albatron 6600GT PCI-e 128MB DDR3
Mobo : ASUS A8N SLi
HD : Western Digital 36.7 Gb Raptor SATA
PSU : Tagan 480W U-01
Cooling : ZALMAN 7000Cu

Why the results are sooo low? Is there any chance to be better?
In my previous system I had almost the same results..
cpu : AMD Athlon 64 3000+ s754
ram : 1gb (2x512) @400MHz (Transcend)
gpu : Gigabyte 6600gt AGP8x 128Mb DDR3
Mobo: Albatron k8x800 pro 2
Psu : Same as above
Cooling : Same as above

Please tell me what to do ... because I Spend a lot of many and I see that was a big mistake...
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  1. Yes it is a big mistake. First, your X2 bhas the same core speed than you 3000+ 754, 2.0GHz. And 3dmark2005 doesnt benefit from having dual core, so you are benchmarking 2 identically clocked CPU. Second, you have 3 RAM, which is already good to have it working, but cancelling dual channel mode, which make it like the 3000+, 2.0GHz single channel memory controller. AGP 8X bandwidth was not saturated by your video card, so you PCIe is no faster than your AGP card. still benchmarking the same thing. And while nforce4 chipset is faster, having 3 memory module might hurt some performance by increased ram timing, which make match the VIA chipset running 2 memory module at faster speed.

    It is not what you do.. it is what you should have done.. Reading and learning about computer rather than listening to hyped marketing facts...

    But right now, the only thing I could think of would be to remove one memory module to have dual channel activated again, which should give a 5-7% boost over the single channel chip. Or get a faster video card, which will imoprove game play. Or wait for apps and games that take benefit from dual core CPU...

    Those socket 754 CPU are not dead.. they are still, IMHO, the best performing CPU for their value. Too bad AMD decided to cut the cache and MHz and rename them as Sempron.

  2. Would be wise to return back my cpu and buy an 4000+ ?
    What about cas latency ? Is a big deal to have a low one ?
  3. IT depends of what you want. A computer for show off with big benchmakr number? a computer for crunching apps? a computer for gaming?

    What I would do would be to get a decent video card, something like an X800XL or a nvidia 6800 something. This will make your game to be visually better at faster framerate. But, if you dont play a lot, and need CPU power(not because of benchmark showing low score, but because you fell your computer too slow) then yes, maybe a faster CPU would improve thing. As for RAM timing, it depend if the RAM modle support faster timing. So, if it is some kind of rather generic RAM, then there is not a lot you can do.

    The best move is, if you still have your old system, return back the new one except for the Raptor, and get a 3700+ sochet 754. It will have the same spec as the 4000+, less 5-7% (theorical)because of single channel and keep it until you really need more.

    But at the end, just forget the number, and if your computer is running what you need fast enough, I dont see why you sould spend money only to impress friend.

  4. It's all about gaming .... I;m planing to buy a new grafics card when nvidia launch something like 7600 gtx ...

    Thank you for your time !
  5. What about these results?? http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/200508011/athlon_64_x2_3800-08.html
    They are not true???? Epsesialy the 3d mark cpu...
  6. OC that X2 3800+! I hear a lot of people hit 2.4 on stock cooling! With better cooling thats pretty much guaranteed! 2.6 is a reasonable goal and up to 2.9 is possible if your lucky! OC IT! GRAH!

    Edit: I duno how well your ram will OC (or your mobo for that matter)... But at least consider it!

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  7. Yes, they are ok.. They used an nvidia 6800GT, which is way faster than you 6600GT... Gaming is all about video card and your current is well adequate. You are simply not up to par with your video card...

  8. I am going to agree with Pat, a lot. The THG review showed the X2 in dual channel.
    That is not the main difference in your score. When THG does a benchmark in #d mark, they set the graphics to performance. Your settings are probably more toward quality. If bungholio marks are important, adjust the graphics settings, and retry. All in all, it looks like you are running about normal for your setup. Too bad you didn't get a better s754 chip, and better gfx card.
  9. So... Listen What I am going to do... I will return back my new cpu and I''l buy the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ which costs the same money as the X2 (I;m talking for Prices in Greece) and I'm going to buy an other Dimm of ram. That manufactuer (Transcend) have quality rams ??
  10. I removed one memory dimm and now the scores are

    CPU: 5379 (1104 points dif.)
    Grafics : 3608 (52 points dif.)

    Now I think the link tha I give you above was right...!!!
  11. Even if you get a faster CPU, you are maxing out the video card. Get a fast video card now and wait for the CPU. Another dimm of memory will turn dual channel on and improve performance, but even with a faster CPU, your game wont really play faster.. You need a video card.

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