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Quicken 2004

Is it possible for Quicken 2004 to work on Windows 7 and, if so, how
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  1. Try these steps:

    1) Uninstall Quicken 2004.
    2) Reinstall Quicken 2004 via Compatibility program found through the troubleshooting section of the control panel. Use Windows XP service pack 3.
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    I've been running quicken 2004 on windows 7 ( 64-bit) with no problem.
    I put in quicken cd rom and ran install.
    I got various error messages and compatability notices, so removed cd rom. When i checked in program files - Quicken was there.
    Expand the quicken file and scroll down until you find the file " qw" near the bottom of the list.
    Double click on this and you should be up and running. Follow the restore procedure and you are done!
    I don't use any online activity with quicken so I can't vouch for that aspect but the rest has been working fine for months now.
  3. I have done as suggested but get the error message "MFC70.DLL is missing"
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  5. marghurita said:
    I have done as suggested but get the error message "MFC70.DLL is missing"

    Re -boot your pc. Go to start, programs, accesories and scroll down to windows explorer. dble click on your hard drive.
    Expand programs x86
    Find quicken - dble click on it
    This will expand all the quicken files.
    Scroll down to near the end and find the file "qw" ( not QW)
    Dble click on this and it should open quicken
    now close the expanded quicken folder so there is just the list of programs.
    Right click on "quicken2 and select "send to" and left click on desktop create shortcut.
    now close all windows and find the icon on your desktop and dble click.
    It should open quicken
    Hope this helps
  6. The above methods didn't work for me, but here is what did (I've added exactly what I did, even though some of the steps might be irrelevant.

    I created a folder called 'Quicken Installation' on my hard drive. I then copied all the contents of the installation CD over to the folder I created.

    In Windows Explorer, I then right clicked the start.exe file in the new Quicken Installation folder and checked it for compatibility. This failed and the file was reported as incompatible.

    However, using Windows Explorer, I then right clicked on the start.exe file in the folder on my hard drive and ran it as administrator. The installation then proceeded perfectly! No missing files, no error messages at all.

    It might be that, to install Quicken 2004, you need to run the start.exe file on the installation CD as administrator from Windows Explorer rather than doing a normal installation. (Using the normal 'automatic' install from the CD there were two files that were reported as not being registered, which might confirm that administrator mode is required.)

    I know this is an old thread but I thought I would post a solution that worked for me in case other people might benefit.
  7. Found the steps in this link worked for me on Windows 7 64 Ultimate having upgraded from Vista 64 Ultimate
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