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A freezing problem.

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September 19, 2005 2:26:34 PM

I recently reformated my computer and now my computer would freeze, and I really mean freeze with no HDD light flicker, can't light up capslock light on keyboard, with power button set to shutdown windows not working, etc all I can do is hit the reset button or hold the power button for a cold hard boot up.

I reformated to install sp2 so I naturally thought it was sp2 so I reformattd and installed again. When that didn't work I went back to my old sp1 install files, and it still doesn't work.

The Nature of the freeze is completly random. I could be watching a video, playing a game, web browsing, or it could be sitting there idle. The time frame is also random though I do have about an hour of carefree usage before worrying about when it might freeze, but it could freeze in two hours or 12 hours.

I've tried not loading anything on the computer but the OS and still freezes,.
I've ran Norton Sys Works and found only registry errors that it fix or the ones it didn't were errors for websharing which I dont use.
I've switch my RAM slots to the unused slots and still freeze.
I've run HDD test which they passed with good status on SMART.
I've run memtest86 up to 20 runs which took 8 hr with no errors.
I ran a program called HOT with no negative results
There are not OS errors at the time of freezes which I checked thought the management windows.

My friend thinks it might be my RAM. I think it's hardware since it's an absolute freeze of the system and no error messages.

I was able to use one one RAM stick at a time and it still froze as before. I'm currently looking for a PSU to test if my PSU is the problem. Until then I'll just have to try and disconnect parts to see if it'll still freeze.

My secondary HDD is giving me problems now, I'm guessing from all the improper shutdowns. I'm not able to access some directories that I moved. I ran a hardware utility from seagate, which is the problem drive, and it says it's software and that chkdsk should fix it but it finds nothing.

I have an AMD64 3500+ 939
cooled by Thermalright XP-120 4x80mm
ATI x850 XT
1gb (2x512) PQI
160gb maxtor
200gb seagate
TDK 880N
TDK 5200R
SB Audigy 2 zs Plat.

I've build many computers and know my way around them but just would like other opinions to fill in gaps of knowledge that I probably don't know of.

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September 19, 2005 3:57:09 PM

If it passes memtest, then that suggests it's not RAM. You could try slacker memory timings/more ram voltage just to see though.

In my experience, PSU problems tend to be of the rebooting/Sudden turning off nature, so it doesn't really sound like that's your issue, but it's still worth a test of course.

The way you say you're guaranteed at least an hour of use would suggest possibly overheating. What sort of temps does the system run at? I'd be suprised if your CPU is overheating with that monster on it, but there's other stuff in there apart from a CPU.....

What's that leave? Motherboard or processor I guess. What motherboard do you have? From the looks of your other components though I'm guessing it's quite new, so it's not <i>that</i> likely to be failing capacitors or something, but I guess it might be.

So - What motherboard do you have, and what sort of system temps?

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September 19, 2005 4:41:06 PM

RAM problem or something being overclocked.

Also, try reseating the processor. Sometimes dust gets in there or the connection is off a little.

I would like to note that just because memtester or any other testing programs didn't find anything that doesn't necassarily mean that there is no problem relative to what that program is testing. It just means the program didn't pick up anything.

Whatever it is it is most definitly hardware related. So if you haven't already start taking everything out. If you got a known good video card use that, otherwise stick with what you have. edit: Of course keep the cpu, ram, MB intacked and the hard drive. You don't need anything else connected. If you got any onboard devices try disabling those one by one.

I think it is the motherboard personally.

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September 20, 2005 1:34:04 AM

If you have a voltmeter, you can check the actual voltages under various loads. If the power supply checks out, I'd start looking at the motherboard.

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September 20, 2005 3:29:23 AM

See what happens if you disconnect the seagate drive.
June 10, 2009 5:16:14 PM

I have this same problem. I've got an offbrand laptop. But I dont have the hour cusion like you do. My freeze ups have occured on the Window log-in screen. Sometimes i've had like 5 freeze-ups in 20 minutes, and then run flawlessly for the nexy 8 hours.

Clevo D900k
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AMD X2 64b 3800+
Nvidia Go Gforce 7800 GTX
2 70g HDs in RAID 0
2g of RAM thats only a few months old