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A while back, I had expressed interest in buying a beast of Gaming Laptop, the SAGER 8690. My biggest gripe was the battery life, rated for less than 1 hour. I mentioned that I was going to buy it anyways, but I decided not to commit quite yet. I've done much more research and have looked up:

The MSI 640 Series
The MSI 660 Series
The Alienware M11x
The Alienware M15x
The HP Envy Series
The ASUS G51 Series
The ASUS G53 Series

These are great laptops for gaming under $2000, but always seem to get cut short on battery life.

As I am college bound, I do need a laptop that has a decent battery life, and the question seemed to be answered with Switchable Graphics. Or so I thought. I did more research into that, and it still seems a pretty new sort of technology. NVIDIA seems to have made great strides with Optimus.
However, I cannot find a strong gaming laptop with Switchable Graphics. Most of what I find is not as powerful as I would like it to be.

I myself am looking for a laptop under $2000 that has a strong battery life (4+ hrs), with a screen under 16" (about), and can run Starcraft 2 on Ultra/Max. Switchable Graphics would be a great plus.

It's a tall order, and its very likely that I won't be able to find a suitable laptop. However, I am hoping someone may know somethings I may not. Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Honestly, gaming laptops will burn battery quick because of the gpu that drains power. I personally like Asus, and many of my friends have said that it serves all their needs. You rarely will not have a plug to plug into in college..and if it helps, ultra portable laptops are the rage right now. + they're cheap.
  2. Well, another thought I had was to buy a gaming desktop (probably barebones, I already have a ATI Radeon 4850 HD for my old desktop) and buy a simple laptop to take to college.

    I was just trying to get some information if there were any good gaming laptops with switchable graphics. The The ASUS G53 Series MAY have Optimus, but preorders are still being taken and ASUS is not specifying. The graphics card can support it and it would make the G53 practically an instant buy for me.

    Again, any more info on switchable graphics would be great.
  3. I think these laptops are much better and they are inexpensive.
  4. Those are virtually netbooks and are no where near the minimum requirements for current games.

    ...Or am I just looking in the wrong places on that site?
  5. I am sure you can get what you want as there are so many kinds of laptops and notebooks.
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