I need some HELP. Which is the better processor?

I buying a new computer, but i dont know anything about processors. Its a customized Dell XPS 600 with a 160 gig hard drive and 2 gigs of RAM. The only thing im not finalized on is the processor, i need some help.

For gaming/multimedia and internet use which is the better processor?

Pentium® 4 Processor 650 with HT Technology (3.40GHz, 800 FSB)


Pentium® D Processor 830 with Dual Core Technology (3.0GHz, 800FSB)

Ive heard from some that Pentuim D's are unstable, and the first one cost $120 more, but i dont mine. I just need to know which processor is better and if they are generally good processors (i know there not better than AMD, but dell doesnt use AMD and i have a 40% off coupon for Dell). Can someone please help me out?

also is 256MB PCI Express™ x16 (DVI/VGA/TV-out) nVidia GeForce 6800 a good enough graphics card? i dont really have the money to upgrade it, i just want to be able to play doom 3 or BF2 with nice graphics.
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  1. I suppose I should rant about how Dell cripples the performance of thier systems, to keep them from breaking down. In this case though it's not such a bad thing. The 600 series Intel chips run a lot cooler than thier predicessors, though still rather hot. The 800 series is the same thing, only double, so it's too hot.
    I would only consider the 830 if it came with water cooling, and extra fans.
    The 670 has HT, while the 830 does not, so performance wise, you loose little in multitasking, but gain 400 mhz in gaming, by going 670.
    BTW, you may be saving 40%, but that's not much of a deal since a high end system like that has a high price tag. You will only see 80% of the performance of a system built buy someone who is actually competent. You may well be better off getting a 20% slower system.
    That's 2 ihatedell rants now. Sorry about that. Get the 670 and be happy.
  2. do i need to buy a fan/ cooling system if i get the 670? or will it be fine with the stuff they give me?
  3. Your best bet is to test it out. I would upgrade to a thermalright unit, but more for noise level.
  4. I wouldn't modify anything on the Dell system, unless you want to void your warranty. You're not overclocking, so the stock heatsink should work fine, at least with the 650 cpu.
  5. i read that the pentium D is much better for multitasking and the 650 is more for gaming. But if i go with the 650 will i lose alot of multitaskiing ability?
  6. You're 'multi-tasking' right now... do you notice any lack of multi-tasking ability? The only thing you'd want a dual-core processor for (other than apps that actually take advantage of it) is burning a CD / DVD while playing a game.... or encoding video / audio while doing something else. If you do a lot of encoding, then the dual-core may make sense for you. If you're just playing games with some light multi-tasking... you won't notice a thing on a single-core setup.

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  7. 400 extra mhz and HT can make up a lot for multi-tasking. If you are looking @ workstation progs (that are designed for two chips), it might be worth waiting till Intel has the bugs worked out of thier dual core chips. If you are a normal user, single core will be a better buy for the next couple to four years.
  8. I think the 650 with HT is good enough for your everyday work, it also has two core in logic.

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