Sony Vaio Laptop Left and Right Click on Touchpad don't work!

Hey everyone. I received my sony vaio 15.5 eb series i3-370m laptop today. However, the left click on touchpad right clicks. Support told me its a hardware issue that cannot be fixed and that they can send someone over. Also, if i want to close the firefox window... pressing the left or right click works which is a problem with this touchpad. The scrolling of the touchpad however has no problem though. Would you guys suggest i sent this laptop back instead? If they send someone to come and repair it, they would have to open the laptop and i don't think that is good for the long run of my computer. Should i just request a new laptop instead? A

I would assume i don't have to pay the extra $50 now correct? The battery life i notice is around 2 hours just web browsing. I am thinking if i should just return it and get a sager 5135 because i heard battery life is 3 hours and it offers 1080P. But i know that laptop does not look as good as a sony one. I will mainly play online poker with applications on it and browse and listen to music.

I just talked to support and did trouble shooting and installed a driver. What is funny now is that the left and right click buttons don't even work anymore. However, the left click and button button works if i click on those items on my taskbar such as internet explorer and windows media player. But if i click it a 2nd time, a new explorer will show up. I cannot click on anything besides those 3 items on my taskbar with the left/right click now.

Someone said this is a setting issue but i did everything with settings and it doesn't work. Sony support though say this is a a hardware issue and because when i plug an external mouse and it works perfectly fine, its the hardware and i would need to have a sony technician come over.

Would you say my buttons work fine based on what is happening? I have checked the settings for it and everything is fine. This is so frustrating.
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  1. In the long run for you computer, opening up a laptop wont make any difference. You can only return the laptop if it is still within whatever time peroid which alllows returns, some companys will only allow returns for the same models, not a cash refund. I would honestly think it is some sort of driver issue but I wouldnt rule an hardware issue out either..
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