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zmaster wrote to me telling me that turbine would be taking control of
billing for my subscribed game i left the game almost 2 years ago but ifelt
it was time to go back but my zone name wont load up ive emailed every zone
email address i can to ask if they will tranfer my zone account to a new
nickname but as yet they have not replied is there anything i can do to
access my old zone name i dont know which passport it was on as the length
of time was 2 years ago

could any one help or have advice????
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    Hi Grant

    I've been a die hard AC player for sometime. If you have your game
    registration number which came on the game packaging, your old credit card
    number of the last four digits you used to start up the account..if you've
    changed credit cards you may still have that number around somewhere, and
    the log in name for your extinct passport you can send that to AC
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