Some jpgs not opening from a photo set


I have downloaded approx 200 photos direct from SD card on camera to portable hard drive. I think I would have drag and dropped/copied in Windows Explorer. 1/3 are viewable and 2/3 are not ie. when I try to view with any program all i get is a red cross. The files are all the right size (eg 4-5mbs) so it seems the images are there. I have tried this on multiple pc's with the same result.
The last 70 are all fine as are an apparent random scattering of images.
They are all jpgs and have Picture Manager as default program. I have tried to open in all picture relevant programs on this PC - WE, IE, Picture Fax Viewer, Picture Manager, Paint, Showbiz etc etc
When I try to open in it in Quicktime picture viewer I get the message 'a suitable graphics importer could not be located'.
In paint it says - Cannot read file, not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported'.
Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Download xnview and try with that. Most likely the files are corrupt and it happened on the SD card already. Check it for errors, before using it next time.
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