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I have a Sony VAIO laptop with Windows 7. I want to do a recovery back to factory settings because restoring doesn't help anymore. Windows won't really start for me, rather it starts but then shuts down again. I was wondering if I could do the recovery from DOS. I tried F8, F9, and Alt+F10, and I see options to do restore, but with recovery it only gives me the option if I have a CD or an image (?) etc. I wanted to do the type of recovery that VAIO Care offers but it's only available with Windows it seems, I tried doing it in Safe Mode but that didn't work.

I'd appreciate any advice on how I could do recovery :)

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  1. btw my model is VPCEA21FD
  2. F8 before the windows logo should bring you to the recovery console, this is a no go?
  3. Thanks for the replies; I tried F10 too and it doesn't give me any recovery/restore options, only something to do with memory... and with F8 or F9, there are options to do restore, or recovery using an image but not without it. It gives these actually:
    - Startup repair (tried it, nothing got fixed)
    - System restore
    - Recovery using a pre-made image
    - Windows memory diagnostic tool
    - Command prompt

    is there no other way? If I could get windows to work, at least then maybe I could try VAIO Care, because it offers recovery, but DOS doesn't seem to right now.
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