All icons moving to desktop after SSD install.

I originally only had a HDD for my computer with Windows 7 on it. I got a 180 GB Intel SSD today and installed Windows 7 on it. When I installed I made sure to unplug the data cable on the HDD. After everything was installed I plugged the HDD in and made sure it booted the SSD in the BIOS.

I went into the HDD to open Steam thinking that it would open fine. It wanted me to update everything so I went ahead and did that. Then I noticed a ton of random icons on my desktop. I realized all of these were from the Steam folder. I have no idea why they're on my desktop. When I try to delete them off my desktop it won't let me, saying Steam is using it. Is there something I have to do to make my SSD and HDD work together?

Also with Steam; after I updated it none of my games were installed. They are all installed on the HDD but when I try to click on a game it wants me to install it again.

One more thing, whenever I open a program in the HDD it wants to update and install it into the SSD. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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  1. That's the way it works! When you installed your software, it went to the program folder on the c drive and a lot of components went to the windows directory and into the registry. The c drive is now the d drive and the components are no longer in your new windows directory on c and there is nothing in the new registry. Baseline: you have to reinstall all the software! But reinstall windows to the ssd first, because it already got messed up from the "updates".
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah so right now I have the SSD as the C drive, and I made my old HDD the X drive. So can I just format the HDD? I still have movies, pics, etc. on the HDD so would it be better to just delete all of the software on the HDD and reinstall it?

    Your last line where you say "But reinstall windows to the ssd first, because it already got messed up from the "updates" kinda confused me. Are you saying I have to reinstall Windows 7 to the SSD again?
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