XP-M 2500+

Hi all

Abit NF7-S v2.0
XP-M 2500+
Volcano 7+ HSF
Corsair TwinX CMX512 3200 XLPT (X2)
also on RAM: XMS3208v1.1

I know the HSF isn't great but I was wondering (for the time being) What my BIOS settings should be for my RAM and CPU. I would like to run it at 2 gig if possible, but less will do. Any BIOS setting your could recommend would be appreciated.

I'm having problems with the computer crashing on any setting, and blue screen messages about IRQ's?


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  1. Blue screens about IRQ's???? What OS are you using?

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  2. XP Pro

    Something about IRQ less than or equal to... I think.
  3. Thanks!

    Any other settings for the RAM? Also, what can I get away with voltage wise for the CPU. My XP2000+ is running at 1.75 so can I get up to 1.9 with the HSF and XP-M?
  4. Thanks again wusy. I know the cpu was designed for 1.45v I'm just a little worried about frying it, if I take it to 1.9v with my volcano 7+. I'm sure the XP3200+ runs at 1.65 ish and this HSF should be able to manage one of those...
  5. You have an XP-M. It'll likely not need more than 1.55V to get 2.2Ghz.

    1.9V is extremely unlikely to be useable with that cooler, IMO. I could only push my old XP1700+ to 1.775 when I got rid of my Volcano 7+ (and swapped it for a 92mm SI-97) although I did some modding and had an 80mm fan on mine. Yours will probably cool better (with fan on high), but earplugs will be necessary, but all the same it's still not that good a HS IMO.

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  6. Those XP-M based on the Barton core are extremely sturdy CPUs, I've been running mine on 1.9V for one year and a half 24/7 under full load (6 months of Prime95 before I joined THGC Folding@Home team).

    I used to do around 2.4 to 2.5GHz on air cooling using a Thermaltake Silent Boost and my old TCCC memory on a 200MHz FSB before I switched to TCCD and got my entry level watercooling (TDX waterblock, Black Ice Micro rad & C-System pump).

    The NF7-S V2.0 is a very good board for overclocking but you will need a modded BIOS(Merlin's or Tic-Tac's) that disable CPC and Windows PIC HAL to run at a FSB over 200MHz.

    Watercooled Mobile Barton 2500+ @ 2.6GHz (245MHz x 10.5)
    Abit NF7-S V2.0
    2x 512MB of Samsung TCCD XMS 3200XL
    Sapphire Radeon 9700 128MB @ 360/310
    2x Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM RAID-0
  7. Just checking some PSu's out. Mine is only 350w and I'm thinking of buying this one:


    I just have a cheap PSU at the moment. Would my 350 be ok for overclocking for the time being, or should I remove some non essential devices.


  8. It really is amazing what these chips can do. Mine runs at 2392 mhz (208 x 11.5) on air cooling, as opposed to Sid's watercooled 245x10.5, but don't even pretend to think that mine comes that close in performance. The biggest difference will come from increases in the bus speed, where multiplier effects will be less noticable.

    Example: 210 x 10 is (surprisingly)better than 200 x 11.

    Your RAM is going to play a major role in determining what you can do speed-wise.

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  9. I'll swap one for my 1700+!! It'll do 2.3Ghz at 1.775V... Never got around to 1.9V, so no idea how high it would go, but 2.4Ghz should be do-able... :evil:

    It's currently 2Ghz/1.4V on a crappy cooler in the flatmate's PC.

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