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Hey guys,

I have a problem that's driving me bonkers. I finally built the rig I've been wanting (specs below), but I'm having a problem with system locks. I mean the evil system locks that you wouldn't wish upon the biggest camper at your neighborhood LAN Party. Basically I get into a 3D app (3DMark, Battlefield 2, World Of Warcraft, what-have-you) and the system completely locks up about 10+ minutes in, the image freezes on the screen the music cuts (if playing) and the system does not respond to the good ol' three finger salute (CTRL+ALT+DEL). I don't consider myself master of all things computer-esk however not fresh off the turnip truck either, however I can't find a way past this one. So here's the specs and what I've beat my head against the wall on so far any advise or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

MOBO: ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe (BIOS Rev 0708, latest drivers, 7.13 nForce)
CPU: Pentium D Dual Core 3GHz
MEM: 2GB Corsair XMS-2 Pro DDR2
VID: 2 BFG 256MB NVIDIA 7800GTX OC (Driver 78.01)
SND: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi (Driver OEM)
PSU: Enermax Noisetaker 600W
CASE: Antec P-180
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

Not Overclocking and temps all normal CPU (50C), MOBO (40C), GPU1 (57C), GPU2 (57C).

<b>Troubleshooting so far:</b>
Replaced Memory - No Effect
Replaced PSU - No Effect
Formatted and Reinstalled - No Effect
Took it into service tech that asked "Whut er dese two vidshow cards ya' gots connected all crazy like for?" - DEFINITELY No Effect

Anyhow thanks for the time of reading this plea for help
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  1. Quote:
    Not Overclocking and temps all normal CPU (50C), MOBO (40C), GPU1 (57C), GPU2 (57C)

    are those your temps while your playing games? they look like temps at idle

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  2. Sorry in 3D Apps Temps at time of Lock are CPU (57C), MOBO (41C), GPU1 (61C) and GPU2 (62C)
  3. Try dissabling one of the cores, and see how it goes.
  4. Your motherboard arround the cpu socket area is overheating.
    Make sure your case has aside tube or fan blowing in on the cpu area.
    To check leave the side covers off and try running it.

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  5. Sorry clarfication, those are temps when Case is open. Is 57C to hot? Thought Mfg max temp was 63C on the Pentium D 3GHz.

    One other point of clarification as well. I was using the OEM HSF and the processor for awhile was running up at 70C. I threw on a Zalman CNPS7700-Cu HSF and now it's running 50C idle 57C in 3-D app. Not a big advocate of Watercooling, I know it's relatively safe now a days...but something about liquid and expensive electronics just gives me the willies. So trying to avoid any outrageous cooling solutions. Anyhow I'm thinking it's the CPU but want to be sure before I toss it and go plunk down another couple hundred on a new one. Any other ideas?

    Re: Disabling one of the Cores? Did you mean GPU? Because I've also tried each video card independently with the same results.
  6. No, one of the cores in the cpu. Dual cores are having problems with games. I'm sure we will be seeing a bunch of patches, but until we do, disabling the second core is the only way to make it through some games. Funny thing is that while doom3 is supposed to be dual core ready, it seems to be one of the worst.
    You might be able to get away with just assigning the game to one core.
  7. The cpu temp is not a problem. Truth is that the 57c is a composit temp, while parts of the more active core can be much higher. However, the cores are capable of independant throttling. Even if the active core does get too hot, throttling becomes more effective, for the same reason.
    The problem is more like what impact does the extra heat have on parts of the mobo, that are close to the chip. The north bridge could be a problem, if it's getting too much heat from the chip. The fsb is actually a set of copper traces, from the chip to the north bridge. Copper is quite good at conducting heat.
  8. Weren't there also mobo issues with Intel's dualcores because of the power consumption?

    Besides, I'm still not sure how much I'd trust any PSU under dualcore+SLI. :O I mean that's just rough.

    I wonder what the voltage rails look like at idle and under load...

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  9. did you hook up the extra power for the sli?
    It looks like a HD plug right near the video cards.
    also are all your bios setting correct? you cannot OC to aggressively with this MB.
  10. Yup no Overclocking at all. Have The SLI cards running between the two dedicated 34 Amps which is what BFG recommended. I have a feeling you guys are on the right track about power and heat that's the two factors I'm really worried about with this rig. Do you think if I stepped down to a non-dual core processor I'd be ok?
  11. You dont have to go single core, you can just disable one core, while gaming. The second core is not used anyhow, so it's no great loss.
  12. yeah but do you have the dedicated molex plugged into the mb?
  13. Yup have a dedicated molex for MOBO. I do have a goonball question though how do I go about "disabling" one of the cores on the dual core processor? I'm guessing it doesn't invovle power tools :P.
  14. Hate to say it, but some things come dead. Some come broken. And from what I hear of your problems, I'm thinking motherboard (mine came with ALL dead USB ports, resultant of a bad VIA chip). It happens. Try a new one, if no difference then return it.

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