Is Turion64 works on a desktop motherboard?

My friend had a turion64 laptop. The screen was broken last week. He wants to make a new system with the remaining parts.

But I heard of that a turion64 can not be installed on an destop motherboard. Is it true?

He wants me to setup the system for him. Please help.
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  1. So you mean the turion64 is indeed works on an socket 754 destop mobo.

    Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. Are you OCing Turions?
  4. And by cheap you mean one is just sitting someplace for you to steal?
    Sorry couldn't help

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  5. Actually, I did tried to bid a turion64 on ebay. It is a 2nd hand, one month old. The final price is around 65 pounds.

    And I can remember there is an online retail sells laptop cpu include turion, but the price is around 200 to 300 pounds.
  6. My little vent.
    The turion chips are great. It's too bad all the laptop makers are too chickenshit to use it in a system that could actually compete with the PMs.
    Then again, Intel would probably just kill them anyhow.
  7. It is a 1.6Gz with 512kb L2 cache and only 35W power consumption.

    Market price is around £100 to £130.
  8. Which one?
  9. Is that the ML 28?
  10. Quote:
    I would if I had the money and lucky enough to find a cheap 2nd hand Turion.

    Uh're gonna steal one aren't ya?

    <font color=red><b>Long live Dhanity and the minions scouring the depths of Wingdingium!
  11. Poor wusy no Laptop. :frown:
  12. Yes, it ended with "ML".
  13. How much did that cost you??
  14. Would that be Intel or AMD?
  15. But you are working on making it a cent-turion right?
  16. LOL You said it.
  17. Turion 1.6Ghz and ATI Xpress 200M 128MB.
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