Two monitors to 1 computer + DVI splitter

Hi all.

I have an Nvidia G210 (VGA/DVI slots) card and I've just acquired my second LG W2261 monitor to allow dual screening at home

I ordered a DVI splitter cable - two DVI from monitors into 1 DVI on the computer - thinking I could dual screen... Windows can only detect one screen, yet visually, the same desktop appears on both screens!

Now, If I plug a VGA from a screen into the G210 VGA port. bingo, I can extend my desktop as Windows sees both screens.

Is this normal?

I have a similar setup in my office, a pair of 17" monitors - however we use a split VGA into a single DVI cable, and I've never had a problem with extending my desktop.

Please advise.

I would ideally like to utilise DVI to both screens, its why I bought the cable!! lol

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  1. i think you are usign a dual link dvi cable, this is a cable used to allow your display to display higher resolutions/refresh rate used for 3D content i think you got the dual link mode with 2 single dvi on one side and a dual link on the other side. i don't think you will be able to use 2 monitors from the same cable unless you use something like this>

    Best solution is connect the other monitor to another video output... if you have. or buy a graphics card that can handle multiple displays.
  2. yeah.. that splitter is just giving the same signal to both monitors. it does the same thing as the option in windows to copy the desktop to another monitor instead of extending it.

    if you want to use dualscreen then you will want two cables. you said "dvi slots" plural.. so i'm guessing you have two. use these. if not then you could use the vga as well but i would highly suggest 2 dvi ports.
  3. You are not using a split VGA to DVI cable at work, first going form the analog VGA connection to a digital DVI connection requires an active converter. Second, it it's a "splitter" it would act the same way as your DVI splitter. You are just taking a single signal and splitting it in two after it leaves the video card. Both monitors get the same signal.

    At work you are probably using a DMS-59 connector which is used on some video cards with a cable to provide dual outputs off a single video card connector.

    Aside from this long explanation, do what ssddx said, use separate video cables to the monitors.
  4. I have a Colorgraphics Predator which has a single outout from the card but comes with a splitter that feeds four monitors and also a Quadro NVS which has a single output and feeds two monitors. The thing is, these cards are designed to send their sets four or two of signals out of a single port and rely on the splitter doing its thing to make it a multi-monitor system. The card and splitter are a team. With a card that doesn't send multiple monitor signals out there's nothing to separate, hence you'd get duplication, if anything.
  5. Please note splitters don't support extended desktop applications. All a splitter will do is display the same image on both monitors. If you are looking to display the same image from a DVI source on 2 DVI monitors you need an active DVI Splitter.
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