Network adapter keeping me awake

I have had this problem for a while and it really annoys me. what happens is when i put my computer to sleep it will wake up a few seconds later because of my network adapter which has a tick box that says allow this device to wake up the computer, now this isn't my problem because all i have to do is uncheck the box and it will sleep fine. My problem is every time i restart my PC the network adapter decides to revert the settings back forcing me to go and uncheck the power management box. most of the time i forget to do this after a restart or shutdown and i will end up putting the PC to sleep just as i go out or get into bed and it turns back on. All i want to know is if there is a permanent fix for this?
not much of a major but i'm a bit ocd with my PC and little things annoy me.
any help would be appreciated
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  1. Hi, In BIOS, Power Management, try disabling Power On by Ring and PME Event Wake Up.
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