Is it possible to recover data from a netbook that WAS running Win 7 Starter? I

I have a Samsung N130 netbook that, when started, tells me there is no opreating syste. I have tried recovery option F4 and get the same message. Before I try to reinstall Win 7 from a usb I want to try to get data from the mainly. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why did it stop running win 7 starter?
    Did you format it?
    If you did then you might need to contact a data recovery service or remove the hdd from the laptop and place it in a pc and then use software to try and recover it yourself.
    I'm not experienced in this type of stuation but someone here might be able to suggest the correct software to use.
  2. I've used Recuva in the past. It works and it's free!
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