Question about components for a new PC build

Getting ready to do my 1st from the ground up PC build. Gotten a lot of very useful info off these boards, but still a little nervous. So any opinions or advice would be appreciated. This system is going to be used mostly for gaming and I want to do a good OC. Nothing too extreme.

Athlon64 4000 cpu. What core,SD,clawhammer?
Corsair Cool watercooling. Do I need this for a good OC?
Epox EP-9npa sli motherboard. Never used Epox but something tells me to give this board a chance(hope its not the devil).
2 gigs OCZ platinum memory.
300 gig seagate barracuda HD.
BFG 7800gtx vid card.
OCZ powerstream 600w power supply.
Creative X-FI sound card. Cheapest one. Don't need that front panel.
Going to stick all this in a Thermaltake Kandalf case. Kind of expensive but I like the way it looks and its feature set. So, should these components compliment each other and let me do a good OC? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. The 4000 may, or may not OC better than some of it's slower, cheaper brothers. (usually not) This tech has a speed max, with the 4000 being close to it.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure ether. This is my 1st Athlon64 cpu. FX's seem a little over priced. And I don't think I need a duel core at this time. Running a 2500xp barton oc'ed right now. Read somewhere the 4000 will oc to a FX-53 pretty easy. Is the best core the San Diago? Thanks for the reply.
  3. Quote:
    Read somewhere the 4000 will oc to a FX-53 pretty easy.

    ? dont they run @ the same speed?
    As wusy said, the 3700 seems to be getting the highest speeds lately. 2.65 is very common, some reach 3ghz.
    Spending the extra $ for an OCer just isn't worth it.
  4. Ok, saving a little money is always a good thing. 3700 SD it is. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Your 7800gtx will be bottlenecked by your CPU. I would consider getting a 3800 or 3700 (whichever one comes in venice) and oc to 2.8ghz+. Thats an extreemmly agressive first time build. Good luck, i am currently building on too.
  6. Thanks, and good luck to you also. This is why I posted on THG. To get advice on how to avoid bottle necks and incompatable components. Especially as this is my 1st complete build.
  7. a 4000+ bottleneck so you get a 3700+ or 3800+. wouldnt that make it worst? unless you oc the 3700+ and dont oc the 4000+

    an 4000+ is basically an fx53 except the multiplier is locked upwards. sandiego is much better than the clawhammer

    3700+ sounds good. if i had the money id get it.
    (")_(") bunny pwns j00
  8. Hmmmm....sounds like all votes are pointing to the 3700 SD. I'm surprised to hear that a 7800gtx could be bottlenecked by the 3700 or the 4000 running at stock speeds. That card must be a beast.
  9. To Bad the FX-57s are still around $1000. Don't want to pay that much for a CPU. Maybe the 3700 now and see what happens in a year or two.
  10. Are you waiting on FX57 big price drop?
  11. LOL, no not waiting for a price drop. Is one coming up? I usually buy for today, with an eye toward what might be happening a year or two down the road. Hell I can't aford bleeding edge stuff anyway. Gets expensive out near that edge.
  12. Correct me if I wrong....the 3700+ doesnt support dual channel memory? That might make you lean towards the 3800+, which I am currently doing right now.
  13. cpu - 3700SAN DIEGO CORE... very good OCer, same chip as 4000+
    ram - looks good
    mobo - looks good
    cooling - i'll say this once - STAY AWAY FROM WATER COOLING KITS, THEY SUCK, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE, THEY ARE WORSE THAN GOOD AIR COOLING. instead, get a si-120 and a good cfm fan on it 60+ cfm
    PSU - i would recommend Seasonic s12 600 watt, more efficient, quiter, more stable voltage rails(VERY crucial to OCing)
    vid card - looks good
    sound card - looks good

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  14. Thanks very much for the feedback. To tell the truth I was very unsure about watercooling. Didn't know if it was really needed for a good OC. Glad to hear I can get by on air. With a little help and advice from you guys I might escape wasting a bunch of money or blowing something up(maybe).
  15. NO,no, you got it all wrong. If it comes to blowing things up, count us in.
  16. *whistles innocently*

    <pre> (\_/)
    |_____| This was bunny. He was tasty.
  17. Well, my old PC is a 2500barton, asus a7n8x deluxe,1gig ram,6600gt vid card. I might be willing to put it in harms way. See what I can get out of it.
  18. Yep,sure is. Thats why I'm getting advice from you guys this time.
  19. Hahahaha......That one gig of ram in my old system was Corsair. Actually its been a stable, trouble free(mostly) system. Really looking forward to the upgrade though. Now just need to decide LCD or CRT, and I'll be set.
  20. my input is this.

    1st time build system... maybe it's just me but i wouldn't recomend water cooling. I'd say try the HeatSink method, i think its alot easier to go with the heatsink.

    And if you are going with a real nice card. I don't think over clocking is gonna make a huge difference in the games that are out today. I am still running xp2800+ and i don't have problems running games with even that little "GHZ"

    everything sounds cool i'd just say for your first time i'd just go with a nice powerfull HSF and a real extreme GFX and you'll be ready for games.

    as for the monitor, i mean alot of people still complain about LCD and games... i have no problem and im still running my old hitachi cml 174 with 16ms and it runs excellent... i'd say go with LCD!!


    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
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    LeadTek GF4Ti4200 128mb
    Hitachi CML174
    1GB Corsair XMS PC3200
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