Intalling Windows Seven onto a Hard drive

Alright so im helping one of my friends out with building his new computer he got for Christmas. He got all of the parts online and we assembled them without problem.
When we insert the OS (Windows Seven) via disk drive to install it, it comes up with the "Insert Boot device or restart with boot device selected" message. We reinsert the disk, and try again, and it doesn't work. We have burned four copies of the disk and none of them worked. We also swapped his DVD drive for my DVD drive (Which i know works). What a surprise, but that didn't work either.
We then tried going into the .ISO file file and running the setup.exe. It went well until it said that it had to restart to continue. We restarted, and it came up with an error.
This error was because the two Operating Systems were conflicting i think...
Anyway, i dont know what to do. The disks arent working, and i cant install the OS from my hard drive. Help please?
Conrad and Taylor
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  1. I assume the HDD is properly connected and powered and you have double checked every part and cable in the build.

    Have you tried using a legit copy of windows 7?
  2. Yes, everything is all connected.

    Honestly, no. But i used the same CD for my computer when i built it (A few months ago) and it worked splendid.
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