CD/DVD drive not reading some disks

I'm having a problem with my CD/DVD drive not reading some disks. I just reinstalled Win 7 onto my computer this morning and it worked perfectly, however, now I'm trying to install Microsoft Office using the disk and my computer won't run it. As a matter of fact the computer won't run any disks. When I open my computer the Drive is shown with an assigned drive letter. I have also tried deleting the Upper and Lower values in the regedit in the section that relates to CD/DVD drives. Other than that I'm not sure what else to do.

I appreciate any help you guys can give me.

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  1. Is it Sata or IDE? Also what MOBO are you using? I presume by any discs you're talking about burned and pressed discs. Also I presume you've gone into hardware and deleted the cd/dvd, then refreshed and let it find the drivers. Maybe check your BIOS, Win 7 could've altered the settings somewhere.
  2. hi, i am having a similar problem with a pioneer dvd rw drive, win 7 won't read roller coaster tycoon 2 disk, but mandriva 2010 reads it fine, may the problem be an sneaky win 7 update people?, it started between october and december 2010. but try running mandriva and see if it can read the disc. i have tryed uninstalling the driver for the drive.

    hope this helps pinpoint the problem

    (oh yeah there is versions of mandriva 2010 but don't get the basic one, not enough in it.)
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