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Hello folks,
im on the lookout for a new gaming keyboard. I've been looking at the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 (not X6 as I've read about the ghosting issues) and the Eclipse Lifetouch Keyboard (although it hardly represents a gaming keyboard, it just looks good!)

Considering the Sidewinder X4's pricetag, you can probably guess the budget isnt that high... Or well it is, I just refuse to pay times three the price for a fancy LCD-screen or aluminium body (G19 and Corsair K90, gief!), after all, in the end im just pressing buttons (yea right...)

But, if anyone think I might've overlooked a product that is way better than Sidewinder X4 by far at around the same pricetag as the Eclipse (+/- some), feel free to let me know.

What I need in my keyboard:
- Backlit keys
- Media-buttons (Play, Pause, Volume control, backlit brightness control etc.)
- Preferable 1-2 USB inputs. It's not a must though, considering the Sidewinder X4 doesnt have any.

- Thanks in advance.
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  1. Also, pricetags in different currencies:
  2. If you do a bit of digging, you can find the Logitech G510 for $80 dollars with shipping.. but that's close to your max and you might find it overkill, so that's your decision. You might even be able to find an older model for cheaper. The G510 doesn't have backlight brightness control, though, but the G15s do. If you don't like that, I think the G110 meets all your requirements... except the backlight brightness control like the G510, so that's also a good option.
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