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I might never get back to this site, but maybe.
The internet and programs are beyond me now. I live where there is a hacker... also, downloaded kaspersky pure 2.0 and someone tried to change the license key and some 7 zip folder came into existence... kaspersky is good, but there are loopholes and I was informed that the path came from India to Russia through to United Kingdom unto the USA. I am experimenting and now have tried to separate myself from the 'homegroup'... seems that nothing I do keeps my accounts safe... what a world. Int'l Hacks who have infiltrated and gave information for 'truths' to be revealed through 'wikileaks' are the only ones who have my respect... the others are just like serial killers and serial rapists... I am too ill and partially disabled and I am becoming more ill from all this b.s... who is true in this world? not very many
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  1. Norton Internet Security is hard to beat as a comprehensive defence against malware and hackers.
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