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Hi all. Recently my college has been attacked by a virus that corrupts memory sticks. As i work off my memory stick i obviously need to back up a lot; and i do...Usually.

To help me backup, is there anyway i can scedule a backup on event - me plugging my memory stick in.

Now i tried using task scheduler built in, but on event doesn't seem to include plug and play.

Basically i'd like it to backup my memory stick to my storage drive upon detection of the memory stick.

Is there anyway i can do that without needing any coding skills?

Thanks for all responses.
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  1. I'm not sure if you can set it up like that, but I'd take a look through the security/maintainence settings to see.

    An easy way to set it up would be to have it back up the data every night (or very early morning). Then all you'd need to do is connect it every evening and leave it. You may have to specifically name the drive so that it always detects it at the same name.
  2. Yeah I thought about that as an alternative, but it would of been interesting to get it to back up on detection.

  3. I'd just take a look through the trigger events provided for the automatic backups. It might be listed.
  4. Aha, for anyone interested: Allway sync.
    Beautiful program. Freeware and easy to use.

    I've set it up to sync my memory stick with my backup folder upon:
    File changes detected
    Memory stick detected

    Exactly what i wanted.
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