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Installing CPU cooler. Need help

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October 6, 2005 11:35:55 PM

ok a few specs before i explain anything

3.0 Ghz pentium 4
Intel motherboard 865PERL (478 socket)
ATI radeon 9800
Audigy 2 sound card
Pioneer 109 DVD Burner

Ever since i've had my computer, the one thing thats annoyed me about it is...its too loud. At first, like an idiot, i thought maybe the noise was from the tiny fans that are easy to replace on the side and back. After i did, i noticed that the noise level was the same. It was another fan causing the noise, the CPU fan. I thought maybe the CPU was too hot and the noise was because the fan was always running at a high speed to compensate, but when i checked it was at a relatively stable 31 Celsius.

Recently, i purchased the Thermaltake Typhoon for its low noise cooling power. It claims to be as low as 16 decibels and has plenty of good reviews. Heres a look at it ( As i started to install it, i realized i'd have to take the entire motherboard out since it needs screws to go through the mb to hold it steady. After taking out half of my computer, i realized i had no idea how to remove the CPU fan. I looked for screws that may have been holding it in but found none. Theres basically two switches at the top of the fan, that when switched, loosen it some but its still connected by something.

Is there anyone with a similar motherboard or knowledge of it that can give me some pointers in removing the fan and/or installing this new fan? Thanks in advance

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October 7, 2005 3:29:00 AM

If the Intel cooling solution is still on it, its pretty easy to get off. On each corner of the heat spreader there is a hook or latch that grasps the mount on the mobo. Gently pull these and un hook/latch them, and it should come off pretty easily.
October 7, 2005 11:30:38 AM

When trying to remove the HS, after disconnecting the latches, use a sort of gentle twisting back and forth motion to try and free it. The thermal goop can sometimes stick the CPU to the heatsink suprisingly well, and if you're too heavy-handed and rush it you might find the CPU is stuck to the bottom of the HS... minus a few pins.

If it does end up stuck to the bottom, providing all the pins are still there it'll probably be ok though. just carefully pry it off, and be sure to clean it and apply some new thermal stuff before installing the new Heatsink.

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October 8, 2005 4:36:37 AM

Wow, socket 478, ancient! OK, it really is a bitsch to get them off, Intel made them for installation, not removal! Flip over the two levers, then unhook the latches on the corners. But that second part is fairly hard to do, I usually insert a small screwdriver between the motherboard-mounted frame and the latch to do this.

By the way, this is actually easier to do once the board is out. And you're going to have to remove the board anyway, so try it that way.

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