Pentium D 830

I bought a new computer with the new pentium d830 cpu last july, since then i havent seen my core number 2 get out of 2.8ghz when i check the core clock with cpuz, even when i disable IESP in the bios. Core number 1 is working fine.
Can someone please tell me whats wrong?

Pentium D 830.
ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard (Latest bios)
2x 512mb ddr 667 with 4 4 4 12 timings.
windows xp professional sp2.

thanks in advance
ps sorry for the bad english.
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  1. Just a suspicion. Each core is capable of throttling, independantly. The thermal sensor is poorly located, to give true readings. Your second core may be reaching it's throttle point.
    To check this, in taskmanager, make sure the other core is totally unloaded. Then add a light load to the core in question. It should go to 3ghz.
  2. HAHA pwned

    watercool that sucker

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  3. makes sence is there any software that indicates me if the cpu is throttling. when I use everest to see my cpu temperature it has a auxiliar tyemperature for the cpu that is always high.
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