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I have an Apex Outlook 4 port KVM, with 2 servers connected. I have a wired optical mouse. The mouse pointer moves with exaggerated and a jerky motion on the screen on different windows OS compared to what I intend.

Has anybody else experienced this?

I'm thinking that if I replace the optical mouse with an older mechanical mouse (which were more prevalent at the time of the KVM manufacture) it may fix this problem.

I have changed many mouse settings in the OS without much improvement.
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  1. Is that a PS2 mouse? If so, then that is a very common problem when using KVMs. The way I would get around it is to switch to one PC and let it boot up completely, then switch to the other and let it boot completely. I would experience more problems if I booted up a PC while I was not switched to it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It is a PS/2 mouse and keyboard. I just tried what you said without any luck though.
  3. Also, you need to make sure each copy of Windows is set to use the same mouse type.

    I remember that my first wheel mouse caused more problems, so try setitng the mouse to a generic PS2 mouse on each system.
  4. Thanks for the effort Phil. I checked and the mouse settings were set as you said. I had also tried turning of the enhanced precision previously (which did work a little).

    I ended up getting the mechanical mouse today and it worked perfectly. I will have to look into getting the newer optical mouse to work on the older KVMs.
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