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Help needed with HP F4480 printer

Hi All

Need a bit of help and advice if possible.

I have a HP F4480 all in one Printer and have just refilled both the cartridge and the refill directions are to disable (turn off) the print ink level indicator,

I have been through the printer manual, and looked around the net to find out how to turn off the dam ink level's but to my frustration apart from a couple of sites that say they have the answer and then to find out they don't,

So I come back to here and I respectfully ask the questions Can one turn off the ink levels? and if so How dose one accomplish such a feat

I am running Windows Vista on a Toshiba laptop
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  1. Found solution to this problem in helping other to find solution to smiler problems
  2. Hi there, since u did find the solution, let us know what was it.

    It may help one day to someone else : ))

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    I would like to place this some where others can find it easily.

    the solution to fixing HP Printer refill issues or non genuine ink cartridge recognition ;issues are as follows (note: I found out thorough researching this problem that with HP printers there is noway to turn off ink level indicators as HP printers do re reconise refilled cartridges.)

    1) ensure that the tape covering the cartridge head has been removed, (easily overlooked )

    2) Check that the drivers are installed correctly, (it may pay to uninstall and reinstall the drivers just in case there is a corrupt file)

    3)Go to this link and follow the instructions there in

    4) If you are still having a problem (download Printing Problems? Try the HP Print Diagnostic Utility)

    This fixed my issues with my refilled cartridges.

    Hope it is of some help to others
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