IM DESPERATE plz help!!! >_>

Ok this is gonna be long, but I'll start with my current system specs

(new) Intel 3.0Ghz Prescott CPU
(new) Zalman CNPS7000B-CU CPU cooler
(new) nVidia EVGA 6800GT 256MB 8x AGP Video Card
(new) Cooler master case
(new) Power supply (came with case) Cooler Master 380watt
Abit IS7 Motherboard (about a year old)
1gb of Value Select Corsair DDR SDRAM 400mhz (2x256 & 1x512)
DVD-Rom drive
CDRW Drive

Ok onto the problem, this is hard to describe and that is why i am this | | close to going completely insane and it being worth about $1000 to just get a new computer and forget about it.

My problem: My computer will randomly start refusing to launch ANY programs at all other then mozilla firefox and thunderbird. It will bring up the usuall hourglass as if it is starting but then it will suddenly disappear and go back to the regular mouse where I wait infinitely for it to load. This issue USUALLY happens after/during heavy computing. Although it has also been known to do the same thing if I just simply leave it alone for a couple hours. I'll come back, try to launch ANY program minus the two mozilla ones and I'm right back needing to restart my whole system just to open notepad or the task manager.

In my madness of troubleshooting I have:

Gotten 2 power supplies from Fry's (one 500watt and one 600watt) This problem is so random it's hard to tell, but I think it may be slightly more resistant to having the problem when it has more juice going through it.

I have sent back new 3Ghz Processor to Intel for warranty service which took a week plus the postage cost. Didn't help at all, new one behaves exactly like the old one...

The only interesting part was that I put in my older Intel p4 2ghz without hyper threading while I was waiting and this issue only occurred ONCE in the whole week.

I have tested each of the 3 sticks of ram separately and have found no difference whatsoever.

I have completely reformatted my hard drive

Closely monitored the Temps and voltages using MBM5 (nothings different when the issue occurs)

and lastly I have moved my comp on the other side of my desk on my floor, away from the circuit breaker to see if it was some kind of EMI issue.

thats all I can think of for now, I am really stressed out from spending about 3 weekends in a row doing almost nothing but troubleshooting so forgive me if I forget something, if you have questions please ask!

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  1. Try disabling HT, and see what happens.
  2. BIOS Updated?

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  3. Ive knoticed that Formatting doesnt do any good so long as my other HD on the other IDE lane is harboring viruses... they transfer right over causing the same problems as you are describing...

    Also note that my XP disk went band and I had the same problems.

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  4. FWIW, I do not see a 3 GHz prescott on this list:
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  5. Temperatures?

    Perhaps overheating and throttling itself into ZX Spectrum performance leagues?

    Download <A HREF="" target="_new">throttlewatch</A> to check.

    If that was the case I'd expect stuff to work eventually anyway, but it's probably worth having a look.

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